How Often Does A HGV Driver Need A Medical?

How long is a HGV medical valid for?

Once you’ve obtained the D4 medical certificate, it’s valid for four months – which gives you 16 weeks to pass your HGV driving test.

For those renewing an existing licence, you should expect to receive your renewed licence within three weeks of sending your completed D4 form to the DVLA..

Can you drive if Licence has expired UK?

If your entitlement has expired, you can drive as soon as the DVLA receives your correct and complete application for a new licence as long as you meet the Section 88 criteria. You must only drive vehicles you have applied for on your current application and were entitled to drive on your previous licence.

How long does it take to get your HGV Licence back?

three weeksYou then send these to the DVLA free of charge. All being well, you should get your licence within three weeks of your application.

What does a Class 2 medical consist of?

Class 2 Initial The initial examination includes a thorough exploration of your medical history, full physical clinical examination, vision tests, hearing test, urine test and ECG. If corrective lenses are worn EASA still requires a copy of the vision prescription TO BE BROUGHT TO THE INITIAL MEDICAL.

How often do you need to take a HGV medical?

every 5 yearsCurrently HGV and PCV drivers need only to confirm their fitness by way of completing a medical once they reach the age of 45 (and every 5 years after till they reach 65 and then it’s once every year.)

How much is a medical for HGV Licence?

The charge for a drivers’ medical examination is between £46.67 and £52.50 plus VAT, equivalent to £56-£63 including VAT.

Is there a fee to renew HGV Licence?

Renew a driving licence You’ll get a reminder to renew your photo before your current licence ends. You can also renew your expired licence at a Post Office, it costs £21.50.

What form do I need for HGV medical?

D4 Medical Form (or form relating to the medical you have booked) Driving licence (or passport if your licence is currently with DVLA or lost) Your driving glasses and optical prescription (contact lenses must be removed for the ‘uncorrected vision’ eye test);

Can you fail a HGV medical?

As long as you are in reasonably good health, you should not have a problem passing your HGV medical test. … Although this condition does not result in automatic disqualification, it is important any Diabetes is managed for safe driving. Heart Conditions: The Doctor will check for all signs of potential heart problems.

Does DVLA medical test for drugs?

Drug group Medical enquiry confirming the problem will result in licence being refused or revoked: for a minimum of 6 months, which must be free of misuse or dependence. Relicensing may require an independent medical assessment and urine screen arranged by the DVLA.

Do I need a medical to drive a 7.5 ton lorry?

So who can drive a 7.5 tonne lorry? … To get the CPC you must pass four tests, with 35 hours of driver training a mandatory requirement every 5 years. These stringent requirements also require regular medical reports after you turn 45 to continue driving such vehicles.

Do they drug test on HGV medical?

Alcohol and Drugs (HGV Drug Test) During your examination, the Doctor will look for any signs of alcoholism and drug abuse you appear to be facing as part of a HGV drug test. It is important to note that if you are an alcoholic, or drug user it is highly unlikely you will be able to pass your HGV medical exam.

Is a HGV driver a good job?

An HGV driver can expect a starting salary of between £19-24k, rising to an average annual salary of approximately £32k. … This compares favourably against the average UK salary of £30.5k. With more training and experience there is the potential to earn significantly more.

What does a HGV medical include?

A physician will examine the HGV student and ask questions relating to things such as epilepsy, seizures, blackouts, memory problems, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, narcolepsy and cataplexy, stroke, prior brain surgery, or any chronic neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis.

What happens if my HGV medical runs out?

So what happens if you held an HGV licence in the past? … If you do lose your entitlement to your licence through one of these causes, however, you simply have to complete a medical and send off for your licence again. Under the current rules, the DVLA will issue you another licence as there is no time limit.

Do I need a HGV medical at 45?

Usually bus, coach or lorry drivers over the age of 45 must undergo a medical and submit a completed and signed medical examination report (D4 form) along with their licence renewal. … Drivers will need to submit a completed D4 form when their licence is due for renewal in 12 months’ time.

Do I need to renew my driving Licence every 10 years?

You must renew a photocard licence every 10 years – you’ll receive a reminder before your current licence ends.

Will I lose my HGV Licence if I don’t do CPC?

Time is running out for hauliers to make sure their drivers have completed their periodic CPC. … HGV drivers are legally required to complete 35 hours training over a five-year period to remain legally compliant. If they don’t, they’ll lose their Driver Qualification Card (DQC) and won’t be allowed to drive.