Question: Is Klutz A Bad Word?

What’s another word for klutz?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for klutz, like: stupid, clod, fumbler, dolt, oaf, bungler, fool, blockhead, clumsy, lout and lummox..

How do you use klutz in a sentence?

(1) Tom’s a real klutz when it comes to baseball – even if he hit the ball he’d trip on the way to first base. (2) “Look what you’ve done, you silly klutz!” Nathan said angrily. (3) That klutz lost several account receipts, so the accountants were upset.

Is being clumsy a disorder?

Dyspraxia is sometimes called “clumsy child syndrome” and is often considered ubiquitous with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), a unique but very similar diagnosis also associated with poor eye-hand coordination, posture, and balance.

Is klutz a Scrabble word?

KLUTZ is a valid scrabble word.

What does spastic mean in slang?

clumsyThe slang use of spastic (or spaz ) to mean “clumsy” is perceived as insulting to people who are affected with muscular spasms.

What is the origin of the word klutz?

klutz (n.) 1967, American English, from Yiddish klots “clumsy person, blockhead,” literally “block, lump,” from Middle High German klotz “lump, ball.” Compare German klotz “boor, clod,” literally “wooden block” (see clot (n.

What does being a klutz mean?

English Language Learners Definition of klutz chiefly US, informal : a person who often drops things, falls down, etc. : a clumsy person.

How do you spell clutz?

Clutz and klutz are equal and have the same meaning. It’s about a clumsy, awkward person, or simplier about a loser. Writing rules differ depending on which version you use: clutz – British and klutz – American.

What’s a spaz attack?

Noun. spaz attack (plural spaz attacks) (slang, humorous) A sudden burst of excitement or nervousness.

Is Ditz a real word?

noun. Slang. a scatterbrained, stupid, or simple-minded person; airhead.

What do you call someone who always gets hurt?

If you call someone a masochist, you either mean that they take pleasure in pain, or — perhaps more commonly — that they just seem to.

What do you call someone who trips a lot?

Or, maybe you just like being a peripatetic, a walking wanderer. … Peri- is the Greek word for “around,” and peripatetic is an adjective that describes someone who likes to walk or travel around. Peripatetic is also a noun for a person who travels from one place to another or moves around a lot.

What is Antonium?

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What does Spazzing mean?

verb (used without object), spazzed, spaz·zing. to become more angry than a situation warrants (usually followed by out): Mom spazzed out when she smelled cigarette smoke on my clothes. to twitch: He was spazzing and muttering to himself, like the old speed freak he is.

What do you call a person who is clumsy?

Stumblebum. Definition – a clumsy, inept, or blundering person.

What does Spaz mean?

one who is ineptslang, often offensive. : one who is inept : klutz.