Question: Is No Longer In A Sentence?

How do you use longer in a sentence?

Sarah couldn’t hold up any longer.

Jackson couldn’t take it any longer.

They sat, not speaking, but it wasn’t awkward any longer.

Let’s not wait any longer..

What is another word for no longer?

What is another word for no longer?oncebackbygoneearlierformerlyerstwhileheretoforepreviouslyquondamsometime

What is not anymore meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English not anymore/any longerif something does not happen anymore or any longer, it used to happen but does not happen now It used to be quite cheap to fly there, but not anymore.

Which is no longer in use?

A thing no longer in use : Obsolete.

What does anymore mean?

The adverb anymore meaning “any longer” or “nowadays” is most commonly spelled as one word. It is used in negative constructions and in some types of questions: Sally doesn’t work here anymore.

What does say no more mean in slang?

—used to tell someone that it is not necessary to explain something further because one understands what that person is trying to say”A word of advice: don’t mention the war.” “Say no more—I’ll stay off the subject!”

Is no more synonym?

Similar words for no more: dead (adjective) gone (adjective) out of business (adjective) no longer (noun)

What does no longer mean?

—used to say that something that was once true or possible is not now true or possibleI can no longer afford the car.

What is the difference between no longer and anymore?

“No longer” and “not anymore” mean exactly the same thing, though “not anymore” is (I’d say) more common (in such a way that if I went up to a friend and said “I no longer like having milk in my tea”, they’d laugh at me, unless it was said deliberately like that in a jokey way).

How do you use no longer?

We use no longer to show the idea of something stopping in the past, present or future. It goes in front of the main verb: At that moment, I realised that I no longer loved him. We no longer live in England.

What does no more than mean?

: a stated number or fewer Choose no/not more than three options.

Is no longer available meaning?

Adjective. ▲ Permanently no longer available or in production. discontinued. obsolete.

Is no more proper English?

No more and not any more are determiners and adverbs.

Is it any more or anymore?

Any More and Anymore: A Detailed Explanation When spelled as two words, any more refers to quantities. Are there any more cookies? You already ate seven; you don’t need any more ! When spelled as one word, anymore is an adverb that refers to time.

Are no longer or is no longer?

We use no longer or not any longer to talk about the end of an action or state. No longer is more formal: One day I could stand it no longer.

Is no longer needed synonym?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unnecessary, like: unessential, needless, unwarranted, irrelevant, uncalled-for, redundant, superfluous, exorbitant, expendable, gratuitous and inessential.

What is the meaning of he is no more?

It is true that “He is no more” can mean “He is dead”, but that doesn’t mean that “no more” is a way of saying “dead”. In “He is dead”, the word “dead” modifies “he”, and the verb “is” is there simply to connect the subject to the predicate “dead”. In “He is no more”, the words “no more” modify the verb “is”.

What does any longer mean?

—usually used in negative statements to say that something that was once true or possible is not now true or possibleWe can’t ignore these problems any longer. I can’t afford the car any longer.