Quick Answer: Who Does Clark Kent Marry In Smallville?

Who is Clark Kent’s wife?

LoisLois is an award-winning journalist for the Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet and the primary love interest of the superhero Superman and his alter-ego, Clark Kent.

In DC continuity, she is also his wife and the mother of their son, Jon Kent, the current Superboy in the DC Universe..

How much older is Lois than Clark in Smallville?

19/20 years old. A year older than Clark who was 18/19 when he was a senior in high school. A later episode shows Lois winning a drinking game of which had to make her almost 21.

Does Superman have a child with Wonder Woman?

The son of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman from the Justice Lords universe in the Batman Beyond comics, Zod was created through combining Kryptonian and Amazonian technology.

Does Clark Date Chloe in Smallville?

You are always the best friend I ever could’ve had.” The relationship between Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan is one of the longest and most complicated in the series. Their relationship is usually called “Chlark” by fans.

Does Clark marry Lois?

Clark and Lois finally get married in the episode “Swear to God, This Time We’re Not Kidding.” Their marriage on the television series was timed to coincide with the release of the comic book special Superman: The Wedding Album, which depicts the couple’s wedding in DC Comics.

Who did Clark Kent lose his virginity to?

He’s really only had two women in his life — Lana Lang and Lois Lane.

Is Lois Lane’s son Superman’s son?

Jon Lane Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane, born in an alternate New 52 future. Another version of Superboy and the genetic template for the New 52 version of the clone Superboy, Kon-El, Jon becomes both a deadly supervillain and briefly, just before his death, a superhero.

Is Chloe Sullivan Felicity Smoak?

Felicity Smoak & Chloe Sullivan: Why they are basically the same character. … Chloe Sullivan, originally, was set up in the show as a Lois Lane stand-in. Since she is a completely original character for the show, it was easy to tweak her story enough to the point where Lois became her cousin.

Is Superwoman Superman’s wife?

When Superman died, Lana Lang and Lois Lane both absorbed energy released from his body and the two women developed superhuman powers. … Both Lana and Lois became Superwoman. After Lois’ death, Lana became the sole Superwoman.

Does Clark Love Lois more than Lana?

So Clark and Lois only got together after Lana and Clark had their one Millionth go at it. It doesn’t change that he loved her more maturely and more honestly than he ever loved Lana. He choose to open up to Lois, he choose to walk down the aisle with her, something he never did with Lana.

Does Clark marry Lana in Smallville?

Nevertheless, Clark eventually confessed his secret to Lana and asked her to marry him. Although she was shocked and reserved at responding to his proposal at first, Lana accepted Clark for who he was and agreed to marry him.

Do Lana and Clark end up together?

In Smallville, Lana is the love interest for Clark Kent, though, in the first season she is dating Whitney Fordman. … Lana then grows closer to Lex Luthor. Eventually Lana learns the truth about Clark and they get back together.

Does Clark tell Lois his secret Smallville?

After this, Clark decided to cut off contact as the Blur with Lois and returned to work as Clark Kent. Lois confessed to Clark that when she had spoken to the Blur, she felt a connection that she hadn’t felt with anyone else. He was moved by her feelings, but didn’t tell her his secret. The Blur calls Lois.

Who does Clark love more Lana or Lois?

Lois. Lana Lang was Clark’s first crush. He loved her, but not as much as he did Lois. Lois is his perfect match and they work at the same newspaper so he gets to see her everyday.

Who does Lana Lang become?

Years later, the post-Crisis Lana eventually married Pete Ross. The two settled into a quiet life in Smallville, where they had a son they named after their mutual friend, Clark. They picked this name for their son after Lana asked Clark to save his life when a car accident caused him to be born eight weeks premature.

Who has Superman slept with?

KryptoNIGHTS: 15 People Who GOT BUSY With Superman1 THE FEMALE FURIES. Superman has been brainwashed to believe that he is Darkseid’s adopted son in “Legacy” from Superman: The Animated Series.2 WONDER WOMAN. … 3 LOIS LANE. … 4 BIG BARDA. … 5 LANA LANG. … 6 LYLA LERROL. … 7 SALLY SELWYN. … 8 MISTY. … More items…•

What happened to Lex and Lana baby?

Lex informs Lana that they lost their baby. She went through with the marriage but regretted it when she was told that she had lost the baby as this was the only happiness she had in her relationship. After being attacked by a meteor-freak, Lana was taken to the hospital again.

Who does Chloe Sullivan marry?

Oliver QueenIn the episode “Fortune”, Chloe decides to move to Star City to return to journalism following her marriage to Oliver Queen. In a flashforward in the series finale, Chloe is now the mother to a young boy, but remains in touch with Clark and Lois.