What Origin Is The Name Yara?

What does Sami mean in Chinese?

塞米 is an alternative transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Sami.

“Joe” in Chinese, calligraphy, pronunciation.

Your name in English, Chinese character, Pinyin pronunciation and Calligraphy.

SAMI : The Meaning of The Name SAMI The meaning of the baby name SAMI is all hearing; high; exalted ….

Is Yara a Persian name?

Yara is a given name developed independently in the Persian and Tupi languages, and also the anglicized spelling of a number of unrelated given names.

Is Yara a boy or girl name?

Yara Origin and Meaning The name Yara is a girl’s name of Arabic, Brazilian origin meaning “small butterfly”.

What does Yara mean in Hebrew?

Meaning & History Means “honeycomb” and “honeysuckle” in Hebrew.

Is Sami name of Allah?

As-Samee is one of the names of Allah meaning the” All-Hearer/ All-Hearing” – which the common expression that it is only Allah who hears and responds. … Sami is also given name in Scandinavia, America and many other countries. It has different origins and meanings. For example, the Arabic Sami means elevated or sublime.

Is Yara a good name?

Yara is a beautiful name with a beautiful history. Pronounced YAH-rah, it’s the name of a Brazilian goddess with green hair and fair skin. The name also has Arabic origins, meaning “small butterfly.” It’s a great alternative to the Mara, Sara and Lara spellings that have become popular.

Is Yara an Islamic name?

The name Yara means Small Butterfly and is of Arabic origin.

What does Sami mean in Spanish?

Sami. Sa·mi No Gender – Noun – Singular Plural: Samis. Translate “Sami” to English: Sami, Lapp. Spanish Synonyms of “Sami”: lapón. Define meaning of “Sami”: Natural u oriundo/a de la región europea de Laponia.

What does Ora Ora mean in Japanese?

In Japanese, ora オラ is a way to call for somebody’s attention. A yell, like “oi!” or “ayy!” or “hey!” or whatever.

What does Yara mean in Japanese?

Yara in hiragana is やら. Translations You Can Trust Look up Yara in Jeffrey’s J/E Dictionary at Yara. The popular Japanese site Movie Walker show celebrities named Yara that use this translation to Japanese. The name Yara means “Spring” which in kanji is 春 which is read haru.

Is Sami an Arabic name?

Sami can be an Arabic name meaning “elevated” (الرفعة) or “sublime”. … (السُّمُوّ), or a Turkish name, a Finnish male name derived from Samuel, or an American name abbreviated from Samantha or Samuel.